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About: Maria Lauren has a long legacy of success with Entertainment Royalty and Fitness Champions!



Maria Lauren (aka: Maria Elena Alberici) is historically the FIRST WOMAN TO WIN TWO NATIONAL FITNESS/BODY-BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS in one year, 1972.  Maria has exemplified fitness in the company of Arnold SchwarzeneggerJack LaLanne, Joe Weider etc. and has graced the magazine covers of Strength & Health, Vegetarian Times and countless publications.

A CERTIFIED FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, Maria Lauren promotes a healthy lifestyle, empowers and teaches exercise classes. Maria is on-staff as a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente.



An ENTERTAINER, TV PERSONALITY and SINGER, Maria Lauren has been a TV GUEST on Larry King Live, The Tonight Show and numerous TV talk shows and TV variety shows world-wide. Maria Lauren co-starred with top celebrities: Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis and The Osmonds to name a few, and was a member of the singing and dancing troop, The Dean Martin Golddiggers.

Currently, Maria Lauren offers entertainment services with a variety of themed shows and performs as part of the Alberici Sisters (aka: The Rat Pack Golddiggers) with the LA Winds Jazz Band and in the critically acclaimed musical review, “SHOWSTOPPERS.”


“The Rat Pack Golddiggers” – Alberici Sisters “Live” with the LA Winds Jazz Band, 2013


Maria Lauren is a BOOK and CD AUTHOR. Maria and her sister, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters) rubbed elbows with entertainment icons including the Rat Pack and tell backstage stories documented in their book, Beyond Our Wildest DreamsMaria’s CD, Relax-n-Renew guides the listener into therapeutic breathing and inspirational visualizations to relieve stress; soothing music is accompanied by Al Alberici.

Maria Lauren’s extensive fitness and entertainment experience led her to the position of TELEVISION HOST and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER of You Got The Power, a TV series and a lecture topic that focuses on healthy living, fitness and a powerful life. PERSONAL COACH, Maria helps her clients improve their skills in fitness or singing and performing. See reviews and testimonials.



Note from Maria:

“Thank you for visiting my site and allowing me to share some of my entertainment and fitness highlights. Looking back, it’s been an honor to perform with legendary stars; this experience has given me the benefit of being mentored by the best in entertainment. It’s a pleasure to share my memories with these stars to the delight of audiences and to pass-on performance/singing tips to my clients.

More precious than gold are my family and spiritual roots, being a mom and the friends I made along life’s journey. As a health professional, I enjoy helping my clients, patients and audiences achieve better fitness and well-being. I don’t go to work, I go to play! Wishing you peace, love and blessings.”


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