Multi-media Coaching – Personal or Group

Specializing in all ages

Corporate and school productions


  • Maria Lauren’s coaching and directing of song and dance performances earned her an Award of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs.
  • Youth Empowerment Spotlight (Y.E.S.), an after-school program created by Maria Lauren developed the talents of youth from non-profit centers and schools to promote empowerment, a better environment and prevent crime through the musical revue, YOU GOT THE POWER.

“The young artists brought a positive message to the audience, conducting performances that acknowledged cultural diversity and creativity.” – City of Los Angeles, Cultural Planning under Richard J. Riordan, Mayor – 1998


SINGING SUCCESS with coach Maria Lauren is achieved by doing vocal exercises while learning breathing support, projection, intonation, phrasing, interpretation and presentation.



Maria Lauren – Singer and Coach

Maria Lauren (aka Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio) has directed and coached entertainment productions at numerous schools in the Los Angeles area. In the CORPORATE and THEATRICAL world, Maria Lauren has been instrumental in producing successful educational and entertainment musical reviews. (List upon request.)


Note from Maria…

Maria-Lauren--Coach-and-EntertainerSinging is like a Yoga experience, unifying the techniques of breathing and tone. I was fortunate to learn ‘Singing Success’ from vocal and entertainment Masters world-wide, including the teachers of the Stars. This wealth of knowledge and experience is used to guide you in a series of vocal exercises. Your voice will get stronger with the ability to sing more notes while expressing better vocal quality. You’ll gain expertise and confidence in various styles of singing whether it be for recording, television or stage.”



As a teenager, Maria starred in many off-Broadway musicals and local television shows in her hometown of Philadelphia and decades later in the Los Angeles area. Her mom was a Big Band singer, so Maria Lauren began singing with bands at an early age. Maria’s dad taught her the vocal techniques that he learned from Enrico Rosati, who was the voice teacher of the great tenor, Mario Lanza. Maria Lauren continued studying voice from the finest teachers from New York to Los Angeles including Seth Riggs. A singer and songwriter, Maria had featured picks in Billboard magazine. Maria Lauren had the distinct honor of performing with entertainment icons such as Frank Sinatra. Currently, Maria Lauren sings regularly with the LA Winds Jazz Band.