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Do you feel like the world has you bending backwards while you try to keep your balance on one foot?…


Maria Lauren – Motivational Fitness Coach


 Note from Maria…

Maria-Lauren--The-Golddiggers“Do you sometime feel like you’re on top of the world, and other times you feel like you have the world on your shoulders?

If you’re like me, some days your energy flows, then some days you feel like your head is heavy, your feet are dragging and you wonder, ‘What happened?’ In this world of multi-tasking, maintaining BALANCE IS KEY.

‘You Got The Power’ is a motivational topic to accomplish POWER IN YOUR BUSINESS and to EMPOWER YOU to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life in body, mind and spirit.”



The dictionary meaning of POWER The capacity or ability to do or accomplish something.

  • P – Prepare. Be Positive.

  • O – Be Open to Opportunities. You are an Original.

  • W – Use Winning Words.

  • E – Enthusiastic Efforts become Effortless.

  • R – Get Ready to Recreate.




Everyday is a new opportunity to take aim and hit your target for a powerful and healthy life!




“You Got The Power” – Body, Mind, Spirit




  • Aerobic exercise is necessary for life! The word “Aerobic” means, “With oxygen or in the presence of oxygen.”
  • You can start by walking, deep breathing or even singing and laughing. Singing or laughing puts you “in the presence of oxygen,” a form of deep breathing, while exercising the muscles of the face, abdomen and buttock.
  • The aerobic response stimulates “feel good” endorphins to flow through your being. Smile.



  • The mind governs your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, will, memory,  and imagination.
  • Be aware of your “self-talk”. Do you put your life, yourself and others down or do you lift yourself and others up?
  • Be thankful for this awesome gift of life. Gratitude.



  • Pray and meditate even while you exercise or practice deep breathing.
  • Miracles happen all the time even within you.
  • Forgive yourself and others and humbly surrender to the “Power” that is more powerful than the world. Faith.



Do your A – B – C’s daily…

  • Act – Believe – Commit.

  • Accept – Blissful – Connection.


You Got The Power ®


Healthy Living Motivation for You!

 YGTP Beginnings – Promoting a positive lifestyle in multi-media…

  • From 1991 – 2004, Maria Lauren produced and hosted a Television Series, YOU GOT THE POWER with the focus on exercise, healthy cuisine and issues relating to well-being.
  • Shortly after, the YOU GOT THE POWER sports wear line was launched featuring uplifting messages that was recognized by our Nation’s Capital.
  • The YOU GOT THE POWER after-school performing arts program received recognition from the Mayor of Los Angeles.




Maria Lauren – Author of blog, ‘Your Powerful LIFE.’

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