Entertainer – Motivational Speaker – Fitness Instructor




“CHARISMATIC, Maria Lauren displays persuasive acting ability”  – L.A. Weekly Newspaper 

“MAGNIFICENTLY PERFORMED by Maria Lauren whose appearance is as lovely as her voice… Ranks with the finest!” – News Chronicle


“Maria Lauren lifts your spirits with her EXCITING PROGRAM for health and well-being.” – The Whole Life Expo, Los Angeles, Pasadena

 “As seen, Maria Lauren’s MESSAGE IS IMPORTANT for any individual interested in participating in the valuable life.” – City of Los Angeles, Cultural Planning, Richard J. Riordan, Mayor


 “Maria is an experienced FITNESS PROFESSIONAL and demonstrates her love for her profession in every class and with every client.” – West Hills Hospital, Rebecca DeLeon, RN, Fitness Therapy Manager

 “As a practitioner, Maria is skilled in teaching and coaching students to improve physical functions and she maintains consistently HIGH STANDARDS in her performance.”  – Kaiser Permanente, Bonnie J. Weissman, Health Education, DA

“Maria demonstrates initiative and ENTHUSIASM, and has made a tremendous contribution to our fitness program.” – Pratt & Whitney, Tara Luna, Fitness Program Coordinator


 “Maria has helped me change my ATTITUDE about health and fitness and provide me with the tools to look and feel better.” – District Attorney, Karen Lee Tandler

 “As my personal fitness trainer, Maria Lauren’s care and extensive fitness KNOWLEDGE has helped me reach my goals and sculpt my body.”  – Financial Advisor, Jackie Harrell


“I want to commend the Health Education Department for providing a wonderful variety of exercise classes for your Kaiser members. Maria clearly instructs us in each movement, is very ENCOURAGING, cheerful in her instruction and instills in us the desire to do our best.”  – Kaiser Permanente member, C.S.U.N. Professor, Dean O. Skovlin

“Maria, I want to thank you… You have been a wonderful INSPIRATION and your classes are amazing. You helped me recover sooner from the tumor operation… a doctor at Kaiser was surprised to see me in the hospital doing some Yoga exercises which helped me make a more complete recovery sooner.” – Kaiser Permanente member, Diane Hubert

“Uh oh – my glucose numbers kept edging up. Not good. So I signed up for Pilates and Dance with Maria – two hours per week. GLUCOSE WENT DOWN!!” – Kaiser Permanente member, Susan Burke

“Maria makes every class fun and we learn something new in every class. The resistance bands and balls we use not only make the class interesting but actually help us stretch and use our muscles more without realizing it. I have a GREAT SLEEP after her classes as well. My mind, body, spirit and soul are in  complete harmony.” – Kaiser Permanente member, Gina Tucci

“Maria jumped started my habits… not only have I LOST INCHES AND POUNDS, I can more easily handle stress and I feel better overall… I look at her as a sculptor. As a result of her classes, better diet and power walking regimen, I have lost 30 pounds in two years. I went from a size 8-10 to a 4-6. I am a faithful follower. Maria rocks!” – Kaiser Permanente employee, Lisa M. Posner

“As I finish my first time ever Yoga sessions with Kaiser, I am amazed at how much it has helped me to stretch parts of my body I did not know I had! Maria, you are really a fantastic MOTIVATIONAL COACH! Your example is an inspiration to your students. I love your patience and accommodating attitude. Thank you for introducing me to Yoga in the later part of my life!” – Kaiser Permanente member, Daniele Kasanke

“My mother is 73 years old, had two back surgeries and is very limited in motion. The Tai Chi Fitness class has helped her a lot! She’s more motivated to get out of bed and look forward to class. As for me, having chronic Fibromyalgia is very painful. Your Tai Chi classes helped me relax, worked on my trigger points and strengthened my muscles. Most importantly, the class decreased my pain which allowed me to DECREASED PAIN MEDICATION. Thank you, Maria.” – Kaiser Permanente member, Elsa Torres

* Thanks to all for allowing me to make your testimonials public. It’s a pleasure to serve you. – Maria Lauren (AKA: Maria E. Riccio)





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