The “RELAX-n-RENEW” CD is a tool for the well-being of your Body, Mind and Spirit.


RELIEVE STRESS as you listen to the CD of soft, relaxing music with lovely, guided imagery and breathing suggestions that help promote calmness and clarity of thought to lift your spirits! Each song in Part 1 also contains a scripture verse which can be reflected upon. Where some CDs in this genre may point the listener to wishfully think themselves to a better state of mind, we realize at best, that this approach can only be a temporary solution. We direct the listener to The Great Physician and Healer, the Almighty Creator for comfort, inspiration, and true everlasting peace.

THE MUSIC on this CD contains contrasting dynamics with thick dense textures and sometimes sparse spaces. This is not your typical relaxation CD. Orchestral elements with a broad palette of ambient electronic sounds are blended together against the background of serene beauty and symphony of nature.

PEACEFUL VISUALIZATIONS: Recent studies shows that soothing imagery and positive statements can … Reduce your pain, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and allergic reactions … Boost your immune system and promote healing … Help you be more calm and have a therapeutic effect for all ages, including children and babies. This CD also includes music without visualizations, that can accompany the Walking Program.

BETTER FITNESS is achieved and aerobic level raised by using the suggestions contained in the walking program pocket guide that offers simple illustrated arm exercises with detailed instructions and inspirational walking prayer/meditations to center your body, mind and spirit! Research has found that walking with specific arm movements can … Decrease your risk of a heart attack, developing diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis … Improve your muscle tone and bone strength … Ease back discomfort … Help control weight … Boost metabolism, energy level and sense of well-being!

BE HAPPIER, MORE PRODUCTIVE AND SLEEP: Sleep is important for your health and wellness. Listening to this CD will help you get into a peaceful state of sleep. Fifty million Americans suffer from chronic pain. You can reap health benefits by doing even small amounts of these mind and body exercises through out your day. Listening to this CD can be an excellent help as you prepare for surgery or any life-altering experience.

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