In 2009 Dean Martin received a Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement!



The former Golddiggers on the Grammy’s Red Carpet: Pictured from left to right are Deborah Pratt, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters), Maria Lauren (Alberici Sisters), Susan Buckner, Marie Peck and Peggy Gohl.


Maria-LaurenNote from Maria…

“It was exciting to join my friends of The Dean Martin Golddiggers on the red carpet at the Grammy Award Ceremony. We were there, to support Dean Martin’s legacy as his family accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award. This unforgettable evening brought back wonderful memories of not only performing with Dean Martin but touring with him and Frank Sinatra together. Wow! It was like a dream come true to be a part of this glamorous time in entertainment.


Dean Martin framed our world with golden moments and golden memories.”

Dean Martin and The Golddigger: (Bottom, left to right…) Maria Lauren (Alberici Sisters), Peggy Gohl, Robyn Whatley, Patti Gribow, Dean Martin, Joyce Garro, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters)


In 1977, The Golddiggers toured with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin together!

Frank Sinatra & The Golddiggers of the Rat Pack Tour: (Top, left to right…) Maria Lauren (Alberici Sisters), Joyce Garro, Frank Sinatra, Patti Gribow, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters), Robyn Whatley, Peggy Gohl


“The Golddiggers show is non-stop entertainment … a vast variety of material and solo numbers to display the girl’s individual talents… the lively assemblage of beautiful ladies are a showstopping treat.” Las Vegas Visitor, 1975, 1977.

Maria Lauren sang and danced with THE DEAN MARTIN GOLDDIGGERS within the span of three decades. During this time, THE GOLDDIGGERS were  regular co-stars on the DEAN MARTIN TV SERIES, TV SPECIALS and as DEAN MARTIN’S OPENING ACT  in Las Vegas. Produced by Greg Garrison and Lee Hale, Maria Lauren performed with THE GOLDDIGGERS on television and stage with Gene Kelly, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Louie Prima, Jerry Vale, Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope


The Golddiggers on tour with Bob Hope: (Top, left to right…) Linda Eichberg, Wendy Kimball, Bob Hope, Maria Lauren, (Bottom) Peggy Gohl, Patti Gribow


Clips of The Golddiggers and a tribute to Dean Martin Show Producer, Lee Hale including an interview with Maria Lauren and her daughter, Marianna Riccio etc…
(To read comments from The Former Golddiggers click on to You Tube)



Each lady who performed as The Golddiggers is a link in the golden legacy… 

Darlene (Alberici) Cianci, Linda (Alberici) Eichberg, Maria (Alberici) Lauren, Sheila Allan, Pauline Antony

Wanda Bailey, Pamea Beth, Theresa (Bishop) Miller, Nancy Bonetti, Patty Booth, Kathy Brimer, Susan Buckner

Susan Cadham, Jimmi Cannon, Karen Cavanaugh, Loyita Chapel, Jackie Chidsey, Paula Cinko, Rosetta Cox

Lee Crawford, Cathy Lee Crosby, Leslie Dalton, Michelle DellaFave, Tany DellaFave, Karen Dolin, Lynn Dolin

Wendy Douglas, Merry Elkins, Brooke Fisher, Joyce Garro, Patti Gregenheimer, Marie Halton, Julia Hannibal

Peggy Hansen, Joy Hawkins, Robin Horneff, Sandra Hunt, Rebecca Jones, Liz Kelly, Wendy Kimball

Colleen (Kincaid) Jackson, Tara Leigh, Julie Leven, Diana Leikhaus, Susan Lund, Nancy Maier

Cheryl Materson, Debi McFarland, Micki McGlone, Francine Mendenhall, Patricia Mickey, Lee Nolting

Marilyn O’Leary, Darlina Olsen, Cynthia Pickett, Patti (Pivarnik) Gribow, Brenda Powell, Deborah Pratt

Nancy Reichert, Melody Ruhe, Barbara Sanders, Jeanne Sheffield, Linda (Snook) Bott, Holly Smith

Lynn Steiner, Debbie Thomason, Sheryl Ullman, Robyn Whatley, Janice Whitby, Mary Beth Williams

Mary K. Wright, Glenda Yenta


The Golddiggers were regular performers on the television series, The Dean Martin Comedy Hour: (Top, left to right…) Maria Lauren (Alberici Sisters), Colleen Kincaid, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters), Robin Horneff, Deborah Pratt, Susan Buckner, Patti Gribow, Lee Nolting


AFTER DEAN MARTIN RETIRED… Maria Lauren entertained with some of The Golddiggers with the approval of Dean Martin TV Show producer, Greg Garrison. In 2005, Maria appeared as part of The Golddiggers at the Motion Picture & Television’s, Louis B. Mayer Theater and continue to perform in the critically acclaimed musical tribute called, SHOWSTOPPERS.


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  • The Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg from The Golddiggers, performed with celebrity icons and wrote a book about it!


  •  Today, the Alberici Sisters make personal appearances as Entertainers and Fitness Motivators.