“YOU GOT THE POWER: Be Positive, Be Fit”


The Alberici Sisters are “Fitness Sisters!” Maria and Linda represent fitness and longevity as certified experts at award-winning wellness institutions such as KAISER PERMANENTE and CALIFORNIA HEALTH & LONGEVITY INSTITUTE. 

Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg have collectively or individually made numerous TV appearances including LARRY KING LIVE and the JACK LALANNE SHOW.



The Alberici Sisters were raised on health foods before it became popular. Their past includes entertaining with iconic stars. Today, the Alberici Sisters share their life-long experience in health and fitness by teaching a variety of exercise classes. Maria and Linda bring a sense of glamour and practical advice to their lecture, YOU GOT THE POWER: Be Positive, Be Fit, to the delight of their clients and audiences.




“Children Taught Healthy Habits often Keep them for Life – Just ask the Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg. They grew up in 1960’s Philadelphia as part of a health-conscious vegetarian family–a choice their parents made for health, not religion. When kids were bringing Wonder bread and bologna sandwiches to school, they had vegetables on sprouted wheat bread that “grossed out” the others… Their mother juiced vegetables and made nut burgers.” – Desert Health News

“You Got The Power – Inspires the audience to participate in practical techniques for health, healing and fitness that will recharge your life!” – Strictly Speakers, Patti Gribow, Executive Director and CEO

“Health and Wholeness Series – Tips from the ‘Fitness Sisters’ to look and feel better!” – 5th Annual Desert Woman’s Show

“Today, the Alberici Sisters are still living the dream. Besides being fitness practitioners, the sisters live vigorous lives as they travel on their book tour doing television and radio appearances. Seeking balanced lives is always their first priority. This includes physical, mental, spiritual and social/emotional well-being.– Calabasas Times, Los Angeles magazine

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Alberici Sisters – Motivational Speakers for a Healthy Lifestyle


Keeping fit is one way that the Alberici Sisters dig for gold!

 Former members of the singing and dancing girl group, The Golddiggers of the Dean Martin Show, the Alberici Sisters grew-up with healthy values and are professionals in the field of fitness.


Lecture Preview